Through the centuries the cheese has been termed as the best creation giving it’s users the best experience in every food they use it for. The cheese has changed over the years due to the perfection of manufacturing and the advancement in technology. The cheese has become known worldwide and there are over 1000 varieties of cheese, some with different fervors all with different names, shapes, and sizes. Depending on the country of origin and the milk used and also by the texture of the cheese.

Cheese in the world is made from milk mostly of cows but other regions use milk from other animals too. That may include, goats, sheep, reindeer, yaks, camels, and even buffalo. There are over 1000 varieties of cheese.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few of these cheese that has been enjoyed in the world over the years. There a number of cheeses in the world but in the discussion will are going to discuss those that are ranked top ten in the world.

The top ten kinds of cheese in the world include the below-discussed list.

1. The Pecorino

This cheese is made from sheep milk from Italy. The cheese is firm, creamery and its shape is like that of a drum. The younger type of pecorinos is smoother and their texture is softer with a buttery mellow flavor compared to the aged or older pecorino. This cheese is mostly used with soup, salads, sauces, pasta and baking casseroles. It’s also great when used with sweet fruits and also beverages.

2. The Cheddar

The cheese comes from England in a village called Cheddar. It’s a cheese made from cow milk and it’s a hard one. The most preferred in the Cheese in the world. Its firm in texture with a unique flavor that is balanced between its creaminess and sharpness. The younger one melts easily and quickly while the aged one is best for grating. This cheese is best when served with nuts, apples and or a glass of cider, ale, or cabernet sauvignon.

3. The Blue or bleu cheeses

This is an aged cheese that is injected with Penicillium mold culture that makes it turn blue, brownish veins, grey, and even emerald thought its interior. Though its maturing in caves that are set to specific condition give the blue cheeses a distinctive aroma and a tangy taste. They are used with appetizers. They are strong with a silently salt flavor. The blue cheeses are very great with wines and desserts. They can also be used with beef, fish and also poultry.

4. The Parmesan

This cheese comes in different types of hard and grainy cheeses. They are all made from cow milk. They are great for grating and most preferred for piquant seasoning of hot dishes and snakes.

5. The Brie

The cheese comes from Brie in France. It’s a dainty double cheese crème made from cow’s milk. The cheese is great with berries, nuts fruits, and dark chocolate.

6. The Gruyere

The cheese originated from Gruyere in Switzerland. The cheese is made from cow’s milk too. The cheese is used mostly as a basic ingredient for the classic fondue and great with the French onion soup. Its ideal beverage company is Pinot Noir and Port.

7. The Asiago

This cheese originates from Italy and its flavor depends on the period of ripening. When used in dishes the color changes from white to dark yellow. The cheese from its mild smell its preferred to be used as a dressing for salads and snacks, soup, pasta and also sauces.

8. The Gouda

This is considered the best cheese in Dutch that is made from cow’s milk. Its texture changes with the maturing period and the color changes from ivory color to gold. Its used as a table cheese or for dessert and can be used for any cooking.

9. The Mozzarella

The cheese’s name comes from the Italian name “mozzare” that means “to cut”. The cheese is made by cutting it into smaller pieces and then hot water is added to make it more elastic. This cheese is made from the Italian water buffalo’s milk, but these days the cheese is made from the cow’s milk. The cheese can be used for different cooking.

10. The Camembert

This is among the best known French cheeses and a highly imitated Cheese in the world. The name was given to this cheese by Napoleon. Its smooth with a runny texture. Its mostly served as a seasoning to salads though not all and also crunchy baguette. The cheese can be used as an appetizer with fruits and turkey meat.